After my first generative token (Brush Strokes) i decided to port my Glitched Mountains on fx(hash).

Glitched Mountains are a collection of Mountains or landscape generated in generative art. Each piece is unique and is made up of a series of overlapping dots that can vaguely recall a mountain landscape. Given the nature of its creation, the glitched landscape can be reminiscent of mountains, clouds, hills or even seas. The changeability and its interpretability is what characterizes Glitched Mountains.

Originally created as author selection in this new generative token (GT) version it is possible to create a completely new artwork every mint.
Compared to the original version, there are changes and elements of the weather to give further characterization to the image.
The combination of palettes, number of mountains, weather and the presence of the sun / moon is practically infinite.
However, there will only be 1000 versions that will be generated by you.

After a while i burned down the collection to 251 edition.

The complete collection: