Voronoi 3d printed ball

Recently i’ve designed some Christmas decorations for friends and family. You can find one example, who is having a quite success on thingiverse. I like the Voronoi diagram and i decided to use it in a decorative way.

In case you want to know, everything is made with Inkscape, a plugin that connect inkskape with openscad and obviously openscad.

Jar – Vasi

Recently i made myself way in the Jar design. Is something i always wanted to do and now that i’m looking forward to start 3d printing process the first things i designed are jars! So here you can find a little preview (some render) of what i designed. For a more deep look you can visit my Thingiverse page and download the Jar you like most. but please if you print one…let me know how it looks!

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Art Take Time Square June 18th, 2012

This is the only photo i’ve found of the Artist Take Time Square event in New York with one of my works (the left one in the picture). Artist Wanted organized this event with hundred of artists around the web and the world.


Art Takes Times Square – June 18th, 2012

If anyone have any other pics with some of my works please contact me!