Voronoi 3d printed ball

Recently i’ve designed some Christmas decorations for friends and family. You can find one example, who is having a quite success on thingiverse. I like the Voronoi diagram and i decided to use it in a decorative way.

In case you want to know, everything is made with Inkscape, a plugin that connect inkskape with openscad and obviously openscad.

Jar – Vasi

Recently i made myself way in the Jar design. Is something i always wanted to do and now that i’m looking forward to start 3d printing process the first things i designed are jars! So here you can find a little preview (some render) of what i designed. For a more deep look you can visit my Thingiverse page and download the Jar you like most. but please if you print one…let me know how it looks!

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